Tuesday, October 28, 2008

made a friend, lost a friend

It was a windless 20F today when I got outside for my hike. I tried skiing, but there have been so many hikers on the trails that the snow has been really packed down and is icy in many places.

I chose to leave gun at home today and managed to find a friend to protect me:

He was very friendly, had no collar or tags and just started following me. Once in a while he'd lead, but he always kept looking behind to make sure I was still coming along.
After a while we came up to the Powerline trail and he went his own way. I sure hope he found his way home because he's a real sweetheart.
When I got back to the car the same bitch from last week was doing her random bark at the world. Emboldened by meeting the other dog, I approached her and she took a few sniffs at my extended gloved hand. But she wasn't sure about petting, so I left her to her rant against the mountains and all who dared traverse them.

Here is Anchorage from the Tony Coastal Trail near the airport on this lovely day:

Here is a mighty freighter bound for the not-so-far-East:

My point in going down to the sea along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail was to see if I could see Denali and I wasn't disappointed. It's faint in the photo, but it's the definition of awesome in real life:

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mrs. said...

i wish i was there with you, mione too (but sox is pretty happy by the vent:)