Friday, August 22, 2008

Mrs. goes/ Steed comes

The Mrs. left today to return to MSP to start school. It started as a sad day, but then:
I got my steed back! I brought my MTB to the LBS on 6/ 19 to solve a chain suck and shifting problem only to find out the frame was cracked.
2 months later, Gary Fisher has finally replaced my bike which was under warranty. It looks pretty good no?
The bike is leaning in some raspberry bushes. They tasted really good!
I had to upgrade to disc brakes (BB7) and new front (XT) and rear (LX) derailleurs to make this frame work with all of my old parts. The new rear shock is really cool!
I was able to get GF to pay for about 1/2 the labor (initially it was all on me!) and a new good friend nicknamed Slowpoke on gave me the wheels (so as to fit the disc rotors) so I was only out $200 to basically upgrade my bike by A LOT!
I did loose a lot of time on the bike. It wore on me a lot this summer not being able to ride the dirt. I think if there is a next time I'll buy a used bike and sell it when I get my steed back.
I'm not sure when I'll be able to get in a big ride but I'm chomping at the bit right now. I just went for about 40' tonight to make sure all was well. It is.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More from the commute

This is one more video from the Mrs. commute. I really like this spot because it has a street lamp in the shape of a fishing lure and a blue target sign embedded onto the pavement. Me thinks the new Target in town may "donate" in order to make it a red lure and sign to get a bit more advertising:

Today I had to go grocery shopping. Lot's of people comment on how big my basket is. Why would I want a smaller one when I can do this (I know: another alcohol reference, but this is really about the basket, not the two 12-packs that were on sale! And yes, that is a sack of groceries next to them):

Sometimes I get to pass other bikers while riding my Dahon fold-up/ compact/ travel bike (with 20" BMX tires) and it just feels good.

Today I was heading up a pretty good hill and a guy on a MTB was in front of me. I sucked up to his rear tire and after a while he smiled and said "Nice!" when he saw my little bike. I chose that point to pass him:

Mrs. on commute

After doing my hill workout I decided to meet the Mrs. and ride home with her on her usual commute. Here is a sample of the grinding monotony she gets to ride to and from work every day:

Here is a shot I took trying to give some perspective to how steep the hills are when I've reached the 2/3 mark of up (I start about 100' above sea level):

We found a grazing moose for the Mrs. to pose in front of. Not sure what it's barfing up, we didn't stick around to find out: