Thursday, October 23, 2008


This week, I decided to alternate my workout schedule with one day skiing, one day something else. Yesterday I took a nice walk and did some stuff in the apartment. Today I got back to skiing.

I sprayed my skis so they would actually slide today and they worked well. I got much farther than two days ago, over 5 miles out from the car by my reckoning.

I made it up to the trail where I had my moose-a-graphs and sure enough, they are still hanging out. Forgot my camera today in my efforts to get out the door quickly.

On the way back down the gasline trail (which is all downhill back to the car) I got confused as I arrived at a fork in the trail and in a moment of indecision I fell, hard, face down. There isn't a lot of snow yet, so I basically pushed the snow aside and landed on the frozen earth.

I moved a good sized rock from it's resting place in the dirt, but I shook it off and nothing got broke. I was really in a negative mood after that, and it took me a while to realize it wasn't because I fell. It was because I fell onto my gun.

Up here a lot of folks carry guns. I do it in a chest holster for bears in the summer, and randy moose this time of year.

I recently had a Canadian acquaintance, who has never touched a gun, ask me if I worry about crashing my MTB with the gun on me. My response was that I always ride very conservatively when carrying the gun. The holster I use also has a strap that prevents the hammer from moving back which gives me another layer of protection against accidental discharge.

Today I could have been more conservative, and I failed. I should have descended slower, and stopped when I couldn't make up my mind on the fork in the trail. Turns out, that is why I was upset after the wipeout. Well, that and I lost my 11th toe, but I've been meaning to shoot that off for a long time. Now if I could just get these snow lice out of my chest hair!

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