Friday, October 31, 2008

"knowing is half the battle

ultra-violence is the other half."

I'm bored today so I will share some catchy t-shirts that I found here:

Tonight I may go out into the raging energy that is downtown Anchorage to see what the kidz are wearing this year for Halloween (besides parkas, it's 16F). I'm on call, so no social lubricant for me. I'll probably be a wallflower as I can't find anyone interested in seeing the nightlife of this fine city. Not to worry, I'm good at being a wallflower.

A friend of mine from Minneapolis found a bottle of KARATE cologne when he was cleaning out what I hope were some very old boxes. He leads a Saturday bike ride and I suggested we do a KARATE ride where all the boys would wear this fine cologne.

I wish I had a bottle of that or this to see what kind of a ruckus it would cause tonight:

I'm pretty sure my flatulence will have the same effect.

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Allen said...

How did the wall flowering go?