Saturday, April 26, 2008

The bad and the good

When I arrived back in Anchorage two days ago I was able to move my new used bed into my soon to be new abode partly because it was in the 50's, sunny and dry out. It was finally time to go biking!
Yesterday the snow started and now 16 inches later, it is SLOWLY melting. This is from today, April 26, 2008:

Yesterday was just a bad day: the power went out at my place, because of the heavy snow. I also had a tough time making a car rental agreement work (it really should be more simple), AND I found out that I screwed up my bidding for next month so I have days of work that conflict with days of nuptials I must attend.
Today was much better: I got to go flying, and making lemons out of the vice-like grip of winter I went skiing up in the hills.
I tried using a slippery wax on my wax-less skis and it was great at keeping the wet snow from bunching up! It was a really good day of skiing.
Here's a panoramic view of the trail and some of the Chugach mountains:

This is just up the hill from my car. There are a lot of houses here and the sea is in the distance. This is the Hillside neighborhood where the mc-mansions have taken root.

There was some fog where I was skiing and I was thinking how people get spooked by that in the woods, but while I was there it made me feel very warm. I took this photo and when I got home realized it looked like a kreacher posing as a tree:

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