Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tax day

Tax day, April 15th, a day of snow here in Anchorage. It's amusing and a little sad to hear those around me who bitch about the late spring. THIS IS ANCHORAGE! Yep, it snows in April.

So I made lemonade by skiing today. I went out to Hillside and did the Spencer loop. I had to remove my yellow tinted shades after a bit because the snow was making it impossible to see through them. No photos today, it was too wet to bring the camera.

I started out with black wind-pants and a blue windbreaker. When I finished I was all white and very wet.

The temp was about 34F and the snow was fiercely sticking to the skis. I may have to break down and by a wax that prevents that on my waxless skis. Ironical?

Tomorrow I plan to go higher into the foothills (Flattop to Powerline ridge) and get in some better skiing. The fresh snow should make conditions up there really good and I won't have the weekend crowds to pack down the fresh snow.

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