Thursday, April 3, 2008

Saving $80

I flew on Redtail yesterday to get back to Anchorage. I brought my fold-up mini-bicycle which fits into a duffel bag about the same size as a carry on roller bag.

I brought the bike through security, to the gate and expected to plane-side check it (as I've done before) and get a stroller tag so that the bike wouldn't have to go through the baggage claim abuses.

Short version: gate agents weren't going to allow it on board without me paying $80, Captain saved the day, waived the $80 and on it went. Unfortunately, it had to be checked through to baggage claim.
So all is well until I pick up the bike and two plastic parts fall out of the bag
(sorry about the fuzzy images, but my macro isn't working correctly):

It turns out that the adjustment knob broke off, I just can't tell what else is broke. I had the bike shifted into the largest cog in the back, but now the chain is really close to the tire and I think the frame could be bent where the derailleur is attached. What do you think?


rigtenzin said...

The angle at that the adjuster barrel is coming out of the der. tells me the barrel is bent badly.

Unhook the cable at the der.
Pull out the cable from the der.
Unscrew the barrel adjuster.
If it unscrews, your are fortunate the threads are still OK. If not, take it to a shop and they may be able to tap it for you, if they are a caring shop.
Otherwise, remove the der, buy a new one, and install it.

Allen said...

That sucks so much I'm going to pass up a chance to make fun of your circus bike. ;)

seriously, no fun.