Friday, April 11, 2008

qwest for snow

Today I finished a trip in the afternoon and decided to find some good snow up in the mountains for skiing (Anchorage has snow, but it's too warm for skiing today). I heard that Chugach State Park had some X-country ski trails so I drove there to check it out.
Turns out their snow was pretty much all gone. If I wanted to hike in, I could ski on the frozen creek but that might be difficult where the creek was open in spots.
Instead of being stupid, I chose to drive up to Palmer and from there up to Hatcher pass. I got some advice from some snowboarders on where to stop and ski and wound up on Archangel Road.
It's not used by cars and trucks, but was heavily traveled by snow machines. I found the drivers today to be nice and slowed down as they approached me. Too bad they couldn't stay off the ski tracks also.
Here are a couple of shots showing the trail and the background:

The first one is a panoramic which the blog doesn't do justice. I think I'll make it the banner for my blogger and see if it gets to be any bigger.

Here's a video of my limited back country skiing:


Allen said...

are the photos up on flickr, too? I usually just use html for them like this





red rabbit said...

So you have 3 sets of farm photos?? I guess you are close to Montana : )