Sunday, May 25, 2008

The final ski day

Here's a couple pix from the final day of skiing here in Anchorage.

This was one of the few times I actually saw someone else on the trail. He caught up with me while I was taking a pix and then my competitiveness kicked in and I kept up with him for a while and then passed him and then after a while headed back to the car. I do this on bikes too, but I'm not sure why. It just feels better to be in the lead.
Since that day I've traveled to Nebraska for a wedding and when I returned there was no more snow. I've been biking and that has been fun.
I bought a commuter which I'll have to post up a photo of and also one of my wife's new/used commuter. It's been a very busy time. Now that she is up here and life is settling down a bit I should be able to blog more.
Today we went on a HUGE bike ride after church. We were supposed to ride back to the apartment and change, but they fed us at church. So what I thought might take us an extra 1/2 hour, took us an extra hour and 10 minutes to bike home the scenic way (the two bull moose were cool)!
It was gorgeous, but we should have gone home first so we could have been more comfortable out of our church garb.
Later we hung out downtown and read the Sunday paper as ships were moving about on the sunlit harbor. I like it here.

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