Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anchorage workout

Today I went x-country skiing for the third day in a row. The place where I'm staying (my crash-pad) is about a 5 minute drive from Kincaid Park.
Here is how it's described by some locals:

Kincaid Park
Accessible west on Raspberry Road or via the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Kincaid Park has 43 miles (69 km) of maintained trails throughout 1,400 acres (566 hectare). Runners World picked this park as one of the country's top 50 running trails. Kincaid Park is one of only two Nordic ski areas in the U.S. certified for international 5K, 10K, 15K, and 30K competition.

It's been really nice getting back on the skis (having not skied all winter). Today I had a big adrenaline rush by shooting down "little" niagara, an intense downhill, followed by my moose encounter. I looked to the side of the trail and there was a moose watching me from 15 yards away (they blend into the foliage pretty well). I slowly backed up and she went back to grazing.

I've been warned to stay away from these big ornery critters, and then my captain on tonight's flight shows me a video where he is feeding one an apple through his kitchen window!


rigtenzin said...

You have no excuse for being out of shape now.

Allen said...

Did you mount it, son?

Zola said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Cross country skiing is great cardio, I'd love to try it. I'm a personal trainer at Body Renew Alaska and I'm always looking for ways to improve conditioning for myself and my clients.