Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anchorage completed

Hello from Anchorage!

After 2400 miles in my Saturn two-door, I got in around 7PM Alaska time. The place I'm staying is nice, but I have 4 room-mates. 2 of them are only here a couple nights a month, but the rest of us are on call, so I expect we'll be here most of the time.

The drive went well today. No dead birds. Here's another picture of perspective:
When I got in last night the temps were OK, but this morning it was bitter cold. I put my camel-back in my car at the motel, went inside to eat, and 1/2 hour later the tube was frozen!
If I had realized it was going to get so cold I would have plugged in my oil and battery heaters overnight, but the mighty Saturn started anyways.

The road into Anchorage is really amazing cutting through the mountains. Almost my whole trip (probably 2200+ miles) was on two lane highway.
I felt a kind of relief getting back into the USA even though I still had 7 hours of driving left.
I really lucked out with the weather. If a person made that trip in a storm, it could take well over a week.

Here's a movie a couple hours out of Anchorage with some unintentional Verdi:

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