Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anchorage drive drei

These are taken on the ALCAN

So I made it through the Yukon today to Destruction Bay (after two phone calls to Capital One to get the card working again. Later I will find out that they did attempt to call me when they turned off the card, but my phone doesn't have coverage outside the USA).

Destruction Bay is next to the biggest lake in the province which is letting out some eerie cracking sounds. No snow on the lake, but everywhere else.

Sorry, this one is sideways so you may have to adjust your seated position: P

Saw more moose and caribou today, but I'm not so good at imitating Allen's voice of rut so they won't come near me for a photo.

This morning I had pancakes and bacon before I left Dease Lake. I was in this all in one store with the locals. They were really nice. It reminded me of a doughnut shop I used to skip school to go hang out at in Stillwater.

I managed to takeout another bird today and this one left some bloody remnants on my hood (which stayed there for over 500 miles because none of the gas stations had any windshield cleaner. I finally wiped it off with some hot water on a paper towel from a men's room).

The drive went well. I started off in some snow this morning, but it wasn't too bad and only lasted a couple hours. Here's a video and a picture of my start:

The ALCAN feels a little too much like I-94 at times after being on the Cassier. But the scenery continues to impress.

I should only have 10 hours or so of driving tomorrow.

I brought some books on tape and the only one that I've really enjoyed is Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. I keep listening to this 30 hour novel, but I wish it was abridged because the story is good but meanders into dullness a lot.


red rabbit said...

skipped school?! donuts?! who were you?!

red rabbit said...

that last posting is from me (Alisha). i'm too busy going to school and eating healthy to get my own account.