Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anchorage drive day deaux

This is the gas station at the start of the Cassier Highway

Today went pretty well. Got another 11 hours in. Same amount as yesterday, but each day I end a little sooner so less dangerous DDT, (dark driving time).

Tonight I am in Dease Lake, BC which is about 2/3 up the Cassier/ Highway 35.

As dusk came, there were 2 moose on the road, and a family of 5 caribou a little later on. I only hit one animal today, thankfully it was a little bird.

This road has been really fun and as you can see it's in pretty good shape. I love that it's very twisty and hilly for hours on end. Reminds me of New Zealand but I can't drive as fast because of pockets of ice and large animals. Still pretty fun.

My Capital One card decided to shut down (theft protection) so luckily I had enough loonies on me to get by for a while today (the only phone at the gas station where it was denied was a satellite phone).

If the weather keeps up I should be in Anchorage on Saturday afternoon.
Here's a little big of the scenery next to a big lake listening to Tom Petty:

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