Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kincaid hike

The days are getting shorter (especially without daylight savings) so my hikes are now all ending closer to sunset. At some point soon I'll have to go at noon or take a headlamp.
These were taken in Kincaid park on Tuesday November 4th, or as I like to call it Obama Day!

Here is a panoramic view of the mudflats (caused by the 30+ foot tide, 3rd largest in the world) and Fire Island:

I really like the variety of colors in this one. The snow looks blue to me, maybe that was some sort of sign?

The mudflats are frozen enough to reflect the light nicely:

It was a really beautiful day.


Mrs. said...

tuesdays are now obama day? that's a bit extreme. he already gets presidents day- don't be greedy:)

red rabbit said...

Have you been watching Faux News again? Feeling a need to be partisany?
To be clear: just this specific Tuesday...I'm certain that there will be a very short honeymoon for someone who has been touted as a savior.
I was going to change Mondays to Mrs. day, but one wouldn't wish to be greedy : O