Monday, July 21, 2008

Biking in Anchorage

The Mrs. has been biking to work so she is getting in plenty o riding (17miles round trip) during the week. Thankfully, she still rides with me on her days off.
Here we are in downtown Anchorage where she is either being mauled or has some crazy new bruin dance moves:
The following images are from our bike ride on a path along the new Seward Highway which is next to the Turnagain arm.

I always intended to keep my ugly mug off this blog, but since I'm all over her Facebook I've given up:

It was VERY windy that day (usually is in that area) and it was much more hilly on the trail than it looks on the road so we didn't put on any big mileage. It was fun checking out all the info-histo signage that some local govt agency has placed along the trail.

We did see some Dall sheep on the cliffs above us to our east. These rocks are pretty high and steep only interrupted in their climb from the mudflats by the highway.

The mudflats are left by 30 foot tides which are famous for the bore tidal waves:

I got the Mrs. to ride a beluga whale near beluga point. She said it was cold:

When I was in the Netherlands I took a day trip to Texel island and rented a bike for the day. It was one of my favorite days biking in my life. This photo reminded me of that day:

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