Wednesday, July 30, 2008


An odd number for a title, but that's my mileage from biking yesterday. I used my Dahon fold-up bike and may have set an Alaskan record for most miles on a compact bike in a day.

My knee was getting pretty sore at the end, still is, but when a gorgeously sunny day presents itself here you have to take advantage (last week it rained for 6 days straight)

Here is how you treat a sore knee:

Here are some flowers from the Turnagain Arm where I ate my lunch. In the background you can see the clear strips on the mountain where the avalanches have removed the trees (too bad I didn't realize the camera was set at a low mega pixel when I took some of these):

Here is the view where I ate my lunch:

On my way back into town, I met up with the Mrs. when she was finished working. We went down the Tony Coastal trail to get home and got to see a bunch of these:

Now I've got helmet cam positioned right, but it's still doing 8mm quality video. Here is a sample of what you get to see riding/ driving to the Kenai Peninsula from Anchorage (can you tell it's an upright bike?):


rigtenzin said...

Careful with the booze, Red, or you'll be living in that bottle.

red rabbit said...

At least it's paid for : P

That was my celebration scotch which was about 27 years old. I opened it to celebrate the new job and had a good amount of help finishing it off in about 3/4 of a year.

The knee is in great shape and I'm going to go climb some hills in the sun today!