Friday, January 28, 2011

Family visits

I'm in Nebraska. That sentence implies a sigh of melancholy. We flew back to the Midwest to show off our 6 month old to those friends and family who haven't met her yet.

My first attempt to fly down didn't work out because passengers from a canceled flight took all of the seats on the 3 flights I had as options to use with my stand-by pass. Wife made it down on her first try because she had a regular (civilian) ticket but she got to go solo with the baby (1-stop in Seattle). Baby did great and all was well in the end (although I missed a party that wife got to go to and didn't get to see a lot of our friends):

I got an extra day in ANC to ski which was fun because 1. I got to ski longer than the hour I can go with my daughter 2. got to ski trails that are more advanced than I like to with daughter or wife 3. got to see a wolf and her cub or coyote with her cub or a giant ferocious snow hare chasing some sort of k-9 but I couldn't tell from the distance 4. made the coolest ice beard EVER

The downside to skiing Saturday was the snain (it's not rain and it's not snow). The outside of me completely froze over while the inside got really sweaty hot. After 2.5 hours of this my headband was froze to my hair. That would have been nice to know before I ripped it off and removed some of my precious hair. My gun also rubbed against my sweaty left nipple and chafed it real good: not cool!).

Now I'm in NE reading about other's adventures back home. It's kind of an anti-vacation. Tomorrow we get up at 4 again to drive back up to MSP for more visiting. I don't mind driving the flatness of the Midwest in the dark as much.

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