Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hiking at the beach

So we made plans to go camping this weekend. After a nice lie-in this morning we thought better of it. We have just a few more weeks until the baby is here which makes sleep for the Mrs. difficult in a bed so we surmised that it might be worse in a tent.

So after a nice brunch of blueberry pancakes, we packed a picnic and headed out to Kincaid park for a hike on top of the ridge looking over the sea.

There she is after I scouted out the top of a sand dune to find the correct path.
The hound LOVES the sand dunes. She was very tired after a lot of running today.

This was our view for our picnic. Some folks saw us and decided we wanted company and hung out while we finished our food?!?!?! It's a big park and not a lot of folks are here: MOVE ALONG!

More playing on the beach. We were going to get some rays, but it was cloudy so we kept our windbreakers on.
Tonight it's fresh halibut with garlic/ lemon sauce: mmmmmm

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