Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back in MN

I'm typing this from my home in Minneapolis. I must admit, I missed the relative warmth here compared with Anchorage. I left Anchorage on Tuesday the 26th and with training in Seattle last week, I haven't been back yet.

I had my bike back long enough to get in two rides before I left and now I'm salivating at the thought of some longer rides this month.

Thanks to my good, no GREAT friend Rigtenzig I was loaned a bike to use while I've been home. It's his wife's hardtail which I have all dialed in now, just in time to give it back.

Yesterday I rode on the river bottoms trail (four whitetail deer, lots of squirrels including one albino, and a garder snake that tried to kill itself by going towards my front tire but managed to escape un-tread upon..I list these only because they are not seen in Alaska, except for the rare squirrel). Today I will take it on Lebanon Hills trail. Last week I got to ride with Rigtenzig on the Murphy single track and that was really fun. I tree-ed a coon on that ride. Then there was one in my neighbors basement egress "pit" last night. They are everywhere down here, not so in Alaska.

With all the different bikes that I wind up riding, I'm not sure I know what my "feel" is anymore. I'm getting good at making whatever I'm riding work. Even my gear is pretty whacked: almost all of it is in Anchorage right now. It's almost fun riding in my old pair of Sketchers, but I miss my clipless pedals.

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Allen said...

It goes to show you can have fun riding almost no matter what the gear is or the bike is.