Thursday, August 7, 2008

More from the commute

This is one more video from the Mrs. commute. I really like this spot because it has a street lamp in the shape of a fishing lure and a blue target sign embedded onto the pavement. Me thinks the new Target in town may "donate" in order to make it a red lure and sign to get a bit more advertising:

Today I had to go grocery shopping. Lot's of people comment on how big my basket is. Why would I want a smaller one when I can do this (I know: another alcohol reference, but this is really about the basket, not the two 12-packs that were on sale! And yes, that is a sack of groceries next to them):

Sometimes I get to pass other bikers while riding my Dahon fold-up/ compact/ travel bike (with 20" BMX tires) and it just feels good.

Today I was heading up a pretty good hill and a guy on a MTB was in front of me. I sucked up to his rear tire and after a while he smiled and said "Nice!" when he saw my little bike. I chose that point to pass him:

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Allen said...

That's about a 9:1 ration on beer to food. Surely you're not married.