Monday, June 16, 2008

MTB group ride

On Saturday I rode with the Arctic Bicycle Club (ABC) on the Kenai Peninsula at Crescent Lake. The original ride was scheduled for Johnson Pass, but there is still too much snow at the pass (four feet!).

Here is the only snow that my tires came across on this ride:

It sprinkled lightly that day so I wore a bike jersey under a rain coat and that kept me plenty warm. I skipped the yellow rain pants that my friends love so much and just went with full spandex leg things (tights? pants?) I didn't even need a hat (rare for me when it's below 60F). It was in the upper40s to low 50s.

Here is some more snow covering the river/ stream:

Here is the melt water coming all the way from the mountains in the background to where we were:


Allen said...

It looks absolutely wonderful. I'm jealous.

rigtenzin said...

Let's see you in those big, yellow pants!

Allen said...

His fanny pack would go well with the yellow pants.

Are the nutmeg bears scared of yellow rain paints?